Explanation of Check-in Windows: 


There are 4 Check-in Windows.  You need to make a selection for the Window when you will come.  This is like a reservation for you to arrive sometime during that window to check your items into the sale. 

If you are coming with someone else, you both must select the same Check-in Window.  If you are bringing another seller’s items for the, you must both select the same Check-in Window.  Every Seller Account needs a reservation on one of the Check-in Windows.

If you don’t see the time slot that you want, keep checking back.  More openings will likely be come available in the final days before the sale as sellers drop out.

You can come any time during the window, you do not have to arrive at the exact start time listed but you must be signed in before the window closes. 

If you are not signed in by the close of the window, you will have to wait for the next one, so if you miss Window B’s close time, you will have to come back on Monday.  If you miss Window D’s close time, you will not get to sell.  We know this will make you very unhappy, but we are not able to be flexible about it. We ARE flexible about when during your window you arrive, but you must sign in before the window closes.


There are NO check-ins other than these 4 windows of time and there are no check-ins on Tuesday, February 28 for Paducah or Tuesday, March 14 for Elizabethtown

Check-in Window A is from 1:15 PM to 4 PM on Sunday February 26 or March 12.  You MUST be signed in by 4 PM.

Check-in Window B is from 6 PM to 8:45 PM on Sunday, February 26 or March 12. You MUST be signed in by 8:45 PM.

Check-in Window C is from 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM on Monday, February 27 or March 13.  You MUST be signed in by 12:30 PM.

Check-in Window D is from 4:30 PM to 7 PM on Monday, February 27 or March 13.  You MUST be signed in by 7 PM.

You can still carry items in after the window closes, but the sign in desk will be shut down and no one arriving after that time can check-in.


If you are choosing to complete a Seller Partner shift DURING Check-in Window A, B, C, or D:  YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN CHECK-IN DURING A DIFFERENT WINDOW.  The Seller Partner shifts start earlier and end later than the times listed above for each window because you will get trained, then you will inspect all the items other sellers are bringing and you will arrange them on the sales floor. 

You can not leave during your Seller Partner shift to check in your own items.  YOU MUST CHOOSE A DIFFERENT WINDOW FOR YOUR OWN CHECK-IN.  There is no “reserved check-in time” for you.  You cannot “just do my check-in right before/right after my shift” because we are not running check-ins back to back to back to back.  We are working with windows of time that will start and stop.