As many of you are already aware, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Information Act last year and those new regulations took effect on February 10.

For more information about CPSIA, you can visit the CPSC’s website.

The CPSC says that consignment sales like the Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale are not required to test items for the presence of lead or phthalates. New information about how to comply with CPSIA is constantly coming from the CPSC. Be assured that we are watching closely for each new announcement and will adjust our policies as needed.

Because we are concerned about your family’s safety, we have decided to err on the side of caution and not accept any children’s jewelry, “grab bags” of small toys, or books printed before 1985 at our Spring 2009 sales.

We will continue checking items very closely for recalls. We ask that all sellers please use the CPSC website to screen items for recalls prior to coming for item check-in.

recall search page

As always, all items of questionable safety will be removed from the sales floor. We have never allowed any items on our sales floor that we would not purchase for our own children.