Sometime overnight last night, the Elizabethtown sale reached the maximum of 575 Regular Sellers and we’re now registering RESTOCK Sellers!  If you are not yet registered to sell in the Elizabethtown sale, here’s your chance.  We’ll take 125 RESTOCK sellers before closing registration completely and going to a waiting list.

What is a RESTOCK seller?

A RESTOCK seller is a seller who will bring their items to the sale after it has already started so that we can RESTOCK our sales floor with new inventory.  It works great!  Our shoppers LOVE coming back to the sale to see new items available so they can shop, shop, shop some more.  Every time we’ve done the math, our RESTOCK sellers sell within 5% of the same amount as Regular Sellers.  RESTOCK works!

We’ll register RESTOCK sellers until Noon on Monday, February 16 or when we reach 125 total RESTOCK sellers, giving us 700 sellers total for the entire event.  All RESTOCK inventory must be entered into our online system by Noon on Tuesday, February 17.  RESTOCK sellers will shop the presale at 6 PM on Wednesday, February 18 or they can help out at the sale to earn Preferred Seller Status and shop even earlier.  RESTOCK check-ins will be Thursday afternoon between 3:30-7:30 PM.  We’ll be doing this check-ins in a slightly different location than previous sales, all registered RESTOCK sellers will get details on where to bring their items.

Need to get registered?  Start here