Elizabethtown Spring 2016 Seller Registration is now OPEN!

Preferred Seller shifts & check-in times are available to select once you are registered – remember that evening & weekend time slots fill quickly! Sellers will have SIX WEEKS to enter inventory online before the LOCK DATE of February 26.

We’ll register regular sellers until February 25 at noon or until we fill up with our maximum number of sellers and then we’ll register RESTOCK sellers until February 29 at noon. RESTOCK sellers will bring items to the sale after it has started so we can RESTOCK our sales floor with new inventory.

Bring just 15 items or $50 of inventory to participate as a seller! Shop from over 70,000 items! Become a Preferred Seller by helping to sell your own & everyone else’s items and you’ll shop first!

Claim your seller spot now

The sale will be open for shopping on March 3-5 at Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown and our special presale for sellers will be Wednesday, March 2. The full sale week schedule is available here: https://kentuckykidssale.com/shop/elizabethtown-sale/