With the holidays approaching, many busy moms are focused on getting the entire house organized & ready for guests.  While you are packing up & putting away, keep Kentucky Kids Consignment spring sales in mind!  Our Elizabethtown sale is March 1-3, 2012 and our Murray sale is April 26-28, 2012.

Here are five quick tips to making selling at our spring sales even easier:

1)  Prepping items a little at a time makes it easy!

  • As your child grows out of it, clean it, tag it and store it!
  • As winter hits, those shorts and short sleeved shirts are now ready to be consigned, they won’t fit next year!  Check the items to make sure they are in good shape and prepare them to sell.
  • As you are making room for new Christmas toys, collect all of the pieces for toys the kids have outgrown.   Clean, prepare and store them!  Of course, this usually means hiding them until spring  in the “storage ” area.
  • Storage tips – Find an unusable storage space, hang a pipe and you are good to go!  One good place is the space under the roof where you can’t stand up – perfect for kid’s clothes!

2)  Be an early bird

  • Get registered early.  The Elizabethtown sale can accommodate only 450 sellers for Spring 2012 and registration will end when that number is reached.  Don’t be left out!
  • Choose your volunteer shift & check-in time as soon as you can.  Popular time slots fill quickly and the time you need may not be available if you wait until the last minute.
  • Working two volunteer shifts earns you an EXTRA 5% of your sales, so come have some fun and maximize your effort.  We have many moms and daughters, husbands and wives, sisters and friends that volunteer together so they can SHOP together!  Snacks and water are provided.

3)  Collect your supplies ahead of time

  • Grab some hangers every time you hit the store or dry cleaners.  Elizabethtown sellers will need to use all WIRE HANGERS for spring 2012.  Be on the lookout for friends or family that might use dry cleaners and have extra hangers.  Post on Facebook that you are looking for wire hangers for the sale, you might be surprised at how many people will respond!
  • Look for cardstock, tape, batteries and safety pins on sale.  Buy in bulk and split supplies with another seller.  Look out for battery coupons and sales – you can even find them free after coupons a few times a year.  All items requiring batteries must have them.

4)  Share the love

  •  Tell a new mom about the Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale.  Tell her participating in the sale has helped you both MAKE and SAVE money, then offer to help her get started.
  • Watch a few chick flicks and laugh as you and a friend prepare your items.
  • Team up with a friend to watch each others kids during your volunteer shifts, then leave the kids with hubby or grandma so you can shop the presale together.

5)  Get your family involved

  • Husbands, mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters, & friends are all great at helping, especially when everything  is already organized and they know what to do.  They can help enter items online, pin, pack items up and even iron items that need it if you are really sweet 🙂   You will be surprised who will help if you ask nicely.
  • Let the kids help too!  Preparing items for the sale is a great tool to help them learn the importance of earning and spending money wisely, recycling and how to take care of their items.  Make it a family project and your kids will learn valuable lessons from your example.

We’re working hard on website updates and preparing the MyConsignment Manager system for Spring 2012 sales.  Keep an eye on your inbox and our Facebook page so you’ll be the first to know once seller registration is open and you can have a quick, organized, and stress-free selling experience!