According to our reports from MyConsignment Manager, the Kentucky Kids Consignment Elizabethtown Spring 2011 sale had 61 sellers earn a payout check of $500 or more and 22 of those were over $750.  Seven sellers received a check for over $1000:!

These sellers are moms & dads like you who bring their best items, especially large toys, baby gear, and furniture, to our sale.  They prepare their items well by cleaning toys & gear and ironing clothing.  They include all parts & pieces, user manuals and printouts showing the “going price” for large items if purchased new.  They price items to SELL during full-price shopping instead of pricing too high and hoping their items will sell during our short half-price period.  They also earn an extra 5% for their items by working either 8 or 12 hours as a volunteer, helping us run the sale.

Is your closet, attic, basement, or garage overrun with things your children no longer need?  NOW is the time to get registered and start entering items for our fall sales.  It’s so easy – just head to kentuckykidssale.com to register & get started today.  In just a few weeks, you’ll have cash in your hand instead of clutter in your closet!  The Murray Fall Sale is August 18-20 and the Elizabethtown Fall Sale is September 15-17.