Seller University

For Kentucky Kids Consignment Sales


Guide 1:

All about the Sale

Guide 2:

The Items at the Sale

Guide 3:

Item Prep for the Sale

What’s New

We are always tweaking procedures and the items we accept in an effort to improve the sale for YOU.  Our goal is always to SELL everything you bring!

Go to "Guide 2 - Items Accepted" to see the new Seasonality Guideline document - download or screenshot this for your reference!

Plan Ahead for Spring 2025 - We will be more selective about long sleeved items at spring sales

This is your advanced notice that FALL is the time to sell long sleeved clothing including long-sleeved t-shirts and onesies/bodysuits.  Starting in Spring 2025, we will be more selective about the long-sleeved items that will be accepted at spring sales.  Long sleeved tops (including onesies/bodysuits) will need to be for holiday wear (like a boys dress shirt or white/pastel cardigan sweater for Easter or have a spring holiday theme (St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July) in order to be accepted at a spring sale.  We will accept raincoats.  Lightweight long sleeved cotton sleepers will be accepted in infant (preemie to 24 month) sizes only, long sleeve PJ’s in sizes 2 & up will not.  We understand that long sleeved items can still be worn in the spring & summer, but there simply isn’t room for them.

New in Fall 2024 - We will be more selective about short sleeved items at fall sales

This is is your advanced notice that SPRING is the time to sell short sleeved clothing like t-shirts and short sleeved onesies.  Starting in Fall 2024, we will be more selective about the short-sleeved items that will be accepted at fall sales.  Short sleeved tops (including onesies) will need to have a collar (like a “polo” shirt), a fall theme (like footballs or Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentines), or be paired with other fall/winter items (like under a corderoy jumper or with a matching pants & sweater set – this means LEGITMATELY CAME FROM THE STORE PAIRED WITH, NOT JUST ADDED TO A BUNDLE OF RANDOM CLOTHING) in order to be accepted at a fall sale.  We understand that short sleeved tops can be worn under other items in the fall & winter, but there simply isn’t room for them.

New in Spring 2024 - tickets to the Friday Half-Price presales will be available to the public

On the Friday of sale week, we’ll be open from 9 AM to 1 PM for those who weren’t able to shop yet.  We’ll close at 1 PM and reopen later in the afternoon for early half-price shopping.  Seller Partners will get 2 tickets for 3 PM, Sellers will get 2 tickets for 5 PM, and everyone else can purchase tickets for $5 per shopper to enter at 7 PM until 9 PM.


Guide1: All About the Sale

This guide has all the details about how the sale works – terminology we use, sale week schedule, and how it all goes down!

Kentucky Kids Consignment Sales Terminology

MyConsignment Manager (or MyCM)

MyConsignment Manager/MyCM is our online registration and tagging system – this is the program you are working in when you register to sell, enter your items, print your tags, choose your check-in window, choose your Seller Partner shift, and check your sales during sale week.  You can log into it using the “Register/Log-in” link at the top of each page on our website.

Seller Partner

The sellers who choose to do MORE of the work of selling their own items by partnering with us to help host the sale.


Special early shopping time for ALL SELLERS. One shopper admitted per seller account. Seller Partners have the earliest shopping times, but all sellers who bring at least 15 items/$50 inventory to check-in will receive a presale pass. Seller Partners will shop the presale on Tuesday of sale week. Sellers who chose not to partner with us to help during the sale shop the presale on Wednesday of sale week before we open to the public. There is also a Friday evening presale so that Seller Partners & Sellers can shop early for half-price items.

Cardstock Paper

Special “thicker than regular paper” paper to print your tags on. Buy at Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or any office supply store. White is the BEST choice but very light pastels or beige will be accepted. Tags printed on dark colors will not scan.


Sellers will be paid via PayPal to the email address on file in the MyConsignment Manager System. We don’t really “have your PayPal info”. There is no special place or way that you need to “provide your PayPal info”. All we do is tell PayPal what your email address is and how much we owe you. We don’t know diddly-squat about your PayPal account or what email address you use at PayPal.


If your PayPal account is with a different email than the one you have in MyConsignment Manager, you can simply log in to PayPal and add more email addresses as the “secondary” emails on that account. One PayPal account can have many email addresses tied to it, but you need to put an email address that YOU check and read often on your MyCM account. Please do not change your address in MyCM to one you do not read just because that is what you (or your husband) have on a PayPal account. Also, the fact that you paid your seller’s fee IN using PayPal as the checkout system is a TOTAL COINCIDENCE. Paying your fee IN has nothing at all to do with your payOUT also coming from PayPal. It just happens to use the same system.

Seller Partners

What is a Seller Partner?

Sellers can partner with us by helping out during sale week to do more of the work of selling your own items! Seller Partners pay a lower commission and shop EVEN EARLIER.


Sellers can choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 Partner Shifts.  Returning sellers may select 5 total shifts but one of these MUST BE THE TUESDAY EVENING SHIFT TO WORK AT CHECK-OUT.  Your commission percentage will decrease by 2.5% with each completed shift.
All sellers shop our exclusive presale events but those who partner with us shop the big presale a day earlier and also get a 90 minute head-start for half-price shopping on Friday evening of each sale week. Help us make the sale a success and enjoy early shopping perks!


Sellers who help during sale week to get their own (and everyone else’s!) items sold are guaranteed to have FUN! While sellers are not required to help at the sale, we sure do need lots of Seller Partners to make the sale happen. We understand that everyone is busy, busy, busy (we are too!) and that many sellers drive from quite a distance to participate. We’d really appreciate it if you could find just four hours to help make the sale a success!


Shifts are available on weekdays & weekends, morning, afternoon, or evening. We also have some times when we need folks to help unload & load the racks & supplies in & out of our trailer – feel free to send in your husband for those!


You can see available times and choose one from the schedule anytime time you are logged in and working with your inventory. Just go the “Seller Partner” tab after you log-in to the MyConsignment Manager system.


Sellers who choose not to partner with us (for just 4 hours!) pay a 35% commission to us for the service of organizing & hosting the sale. The more Partner Shifts you choose, the lower the commission you pay to us.

How Check-in Works

How do I get this stuff outta my house?

This one is really really long… but it tells you exactly how item check-in will go. It’s easier than it sounds! Bring yourself, bring your stuff, we will help you!

If you have a cart or wagon of your own to use, you may find it very helpful.


You may come at any time during your Check-in Window, but you must arrive before the window ends. If you do not arrive before the window ends, you will need to wait for the next window to open. If you arrive late to Window D, you will not be able to sell. You will have 45 minutes from the end of the window to bring all your items in, so you need to arrive with them prepped and ready to go!


If you are sending your items with someone else, please EMAIL us THE WEEK BEFORE THE SALE for a copy of our seller’s agreement so you can sign & send it in with them. We need a seller’s agreement signed by YOU since your name is on the seller account. The person bringing your items needs to understand how check-in works. They will not be able to just hand over your items and leave.
If someone in your home smokes or you have pets, please make sure your items do not smell like cigarette smoke and are free from pet hair and odors.
Don’t go crazy taping your tags on larger items, we have a blue two-part claim tag that gets added to tags for very large items, like strollers and furniture.
We’ll do our best to get you in and out as quickly as possible. Please email with any questions – it is better to ask now than wait until we have a problem at check-in!
YOU WILL TAKE THE ITEMS TO EACH STATION LISTED BELOW. WE WILL PLACE THEM ON THE TABLES FOR YOU. You just need to get the stuff to each station. We know it’s super-tempting, but you are not able to wander the sales floor and browse items during check-in. You’ll get to see it ALL at the presale! Please drop your items and move on so we can get everyone in and out.


LARGE INFANT EQUIPMENT – strollers, walkers, carseats, swings, bouncers, jumpers, exersaucers, ride-on toys and bikes/trikes go here too


FURNITURE – Cribs (check to be sure it was made after June 2011), changing tables, pack-n-plays, and all household furniture. You will need to ASSEMBLE FURNITURE. If it is missing screws or broken, please don’t bring it. No one will buy it and our charities don’t want unusable items either.


HOME DECOR – 10 items per seller. If you have tagged more, choose your best 10 to bring.


CHILDREN’S DECOR – 5 items per seller. If you have tagged more, choose your best 5 to bring.


LARGE TOYS – train tables, kitchens, teepees, tool benches, outdoor slides, sandboxes, basketball goals, doll strollers, etc. (toys that are too big to go on a table)


BOOKS, DVD’s, & VIDEO GAMES – bring books sorted this way… board books (cardboard pages), toddler/picture books (books you read to your kid), early reader books (books your kid reads to you – levels 1, 2, 3), chapter books, teen books, homeschooling books, pregnancy & parenting books. CARDBOARD pages = “board book”.  We are going to check that a DVD is in the box, do not tape them shut. If you want them taped, do it after we check.


GAMES, PUZZLES, CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING – these need to have all parts & pieces and be like new! No partially used craft items, please.


INFANT DIAPERING & BATHING – diaper bags and carriers to wear infants go here too


INFANT FEEDING & SLEEPING – infant/child/tween/teen bedding will be here (no queen or king size accepted) as well as safety items


SHOES – 10 girl & 10 boy only, If you have tagged more, choose your best 10 to bring. Sports shoes like tap/ballet/jazz shoes or cleats may be tagged as sports equipment and are accepted in addition to the 10 girl & 10 boy shoes, MAKE SURE TO LABEL WITH A SIZE and place with other shoes.


ACCESSORIES – hats, belts, socks, shoes, hair accessories, women’s purses (5 per seller), kid’s purses (must be for a child), school backpacks (5 per seller), lunch boxes (5 per seller)


toys,toys,toys – all toys that go on tables go here – MAKE SURE BATTERIES ARE IN IT & IT WORKS! Check to be sure ALL parts are there!







****CLOTHING STATION – WE WILL BE INSPECTING CLOTHING AFTER YOU LEAVE.  This is necessary so that check-ins can happen quickly without a crowd of people waiting.  YOU WILL HANG YOUR ENTIRE BUNDLE ON THE MAIN BLUE CLOTHING RACK in the correct size AND LEAVE IT. WE WILL INSPECT IT LATER.****


YOU WILL HANG CLOTHING IN THE CORRECT SPOT. There are signs. There are arrows. There are people there to help you. There is a list below of what sizes together. You need to pay attention and put clothing in the right place. Put it in an empty spot. The empty spot may be on the bottom row or a few sections back. Do not cram it on the front of the rack just so yours will be in front. Everything gets moved around anyway, there’s no need to do this.


In Paducah only – KEEP MATILDA JANE ITEMS SEPARATE FOR CHECK-IN. There will be round tables where you will carefully lay MJ down by size, we will hang it later.




Special Note: Any “No-Thank-You’s” (clothing items we are not accepting) will be available for you to claim at pick-up on Saturday. If you do not claim them, we’ll donate them.. I understand that you may feel concern about these items. Please trust that we want as many items IN THE SALE as possible. All clothing items pulled from the sale when we inspect them will be checked by multiple people before a decision is made that the item cannot be sold because of quality or seasonality issues.


To ensure ALL your clothing items are accepted – give them a thorough check at home OUTSIDE IN SUNLIGHT. Look for stains – check the neck and rear of baby clothing. Those yellow stains show up when items are stored. Check for torn out hems. Check for dirty sleeves, Check for greasy stains on dark clothing. Check for pen or marker marks. The majority of the reasons items do not pass inspection are these!

Do not bring items with stains.

Don’t bring sundresses, tanktops/sleeveless items, swimwear, or shorts, Easter or 4th of July themed items to the fall sale.

Don’t bring heavy coats, fleece, fur, velvet or velour items, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s items to the to the spring sale.

Don’t bring adult or juniors clothing that you have entered as children’s size 14, 16, 18, 20. We look at the actual garment tag and remove adult & teen clothing items. WE DO NOT ACCEPT JUNIORS or ADULT SIZES. We accept items that were purchased in the CHILDREN’S department and boy’s pants up to waist size 30.


Group these sizes together, boys and girls separately:
0-3 months and 3 months together
3-6 Months and 6 months together
6-9 months, 6-12 months and 9 months together
9-12 months and 12 months together
12-18 months and 18 months together
18-24 months and 24 months together
4T and 4 together
5T and 5 together
(6x for girls only)
Maternity XXS
Maternity XS
Maternity Small
Maternity Medium
Maternity Large
Maternity XL
Maternity XXL/XXXL


In Fall, dressup clothing and Halloween costumes are displayed by size, boys & girls together, on the main blue clothing racks
In Spring, dressup clothing will go to the toy section

In Spring, life jackets need to be hung and will also go to the toy section


Once all of your items have been taken to the appropriate station, visit the SIGN-OUT DESK to sign your Seller’s Agreement, make sure you have your SELLER INFO SHEET, and then GET READY TO SHOP!!!

How Presale Shopping Works

Who shops first?

All of our sellers SHOP EARLY at our PRESALES.

You will be emailed a presale pass with a QR code that we’ll scan as you enter.

Remember, you need to bring 15 items or $50 of inventory to item check-in to get your Seller’s Presale Pass!

Each Tuesday & Wednesday presale pass is good for one adult, YOU MAY NOT BRING AN ADULT GUEST ON TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY. Shopping the presale is your reward for your hard work in getting everything ready for the sale and we want it to be an exclusive time just for you.

Seller Partners will recieve one pass to shop the Tuesday Seller Partner Presale and one pass to shop the Wednesday Seller Presale as well. Tuesday passes will NOT be honored on Wednesday. Wednesday passes can be used by the Seller Partner themselves or given away to someone else.

Sellers will not need to obtain a child ticket in order to bring children to the presales, but we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you from bringing children. If you must bring them, they must remain at your side and cannot play on or with the toys.

There will be no READMISSION to the Presales at any time. Yes, you can make multiple trips to your car, but if you leave the presale completely on either Tuesday or Wednesday  you cannot return and re-enter the sale using your same barcode.

If you choose not to shop the Seller’s Presale, PLEASE GIVE YOUR PASS AWAY! You’ll be able to simply forward the email to a friend. Just be sure that person understands the pass is good for ONE ADULT SHOPPER and that children are strongly discouraged from attending.

Here’s the times for our exclusive presale shopping. Want to shop earlier on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday? Log in to your account and choose one or more Seller Partner shifts to come & help out during sale week.


Seller Presale Events (pass required for admission):
Tuesday at 4 PM – Quintuple Shift Seller Partners shop (returning sellers only)
Tuesday at 5 PM – Quadruple Shift Seller Partners shop
Tuesday at 6 PM – Triple Shift Seller Partners shop
Tuesday at 6:30 PM – Double Shift Seller Partners shop
Tuesday at 7 PM – Single Shift Seller Partners shop
Wednesday at 11 AM – Sellers shop
we’ll be open until at least 9 PM on Wednesday


You will receive a second email with your barcode to enter the FRIDAY HALF-PRICE PRESALES. You may bring along ONE ADULT GUEST for Friday afternoon.
We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you from bringing children this season. If you must bring them, they must remain at your side and cannot play on or with the toys.


Friday at 3 PM – special half-price presale for Seller Partners
Friday at 5 PM – special half-price presale for ALL SELLERS!
we’ll be open until at least 9 PM on Friday

The sale is open to the public for shopping on Thursday from 9 AM to 8 PM, Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM. No tickets or passes  are needed during these times.

Sale Week Schedule

Item Check-in Window

This is when you will bring your items to the sale. Appointments required, select your time slot window in the MyConsignment Manager system once you are registered to sell. You may come any time during your window.

Presale Days

Early shopping for all sellers! Seller Partners shop on Tuesday, then sellers who choose not to help during sale week shop on Wednesday. One adult shopper admitted per presale shopping pass.  Seller Partners will receive a pass for the Tuesday Seller Partner Presale AND the Wednesday Seller Presale.  Tuesday passes will not be honored on Wednesday.

Public Shopping

Open to all!

Half-price Presale

Early half shopping for all sellers! Items marked “discount:yes” will ring up at half-price. Seller Partners shop first, then sellers who choose not to help during sale week. Two adult shoppers admitted per seller account.

Half-price Shopping

Open to all! Items marked “discount:yes” will ring up at half-price.

Optional Unsold Item Pick-up

1 PM to 4 PM on Saturday!  This is when you will pick up any unsold items that you’d like to have back. You can also choose to leave them at the sale and they’ll be donated to charity. You will check each area of the sale for your items and have them verified before you leave with them. You will also have the opportunity to make additional purchases.


Sales Reports

Sales reports will be loaded into your account late each night of the sale, at Noon on Saturday with additional reports as we are able. Semi-final reports will be posted the Monday after the sale, final reports on Wednesday after the sale and seller payouts are sent by PayPal on the Friday after the sale ends.

How (optional) Pick-up Works

What if I have items that didn't sell?

Don’t want anything back?  No problem!  We’ll donate it to a great local charity for you!
Pick-up will be between 1 and 4 PM on SATURDAY. We will remain open to public shoppers during this time so you’ll have a chance to buy any items you find during pick-up that you can’t live without!


We will NOT be ready to process pickups before 1 PM. You may come anytime between 1 and 4 PM on Saturday but pickup MUST BE COMPLETE BY 4 PM.


If you are planning to pick up several items or shop while you pick up, please come early to give yourself plenty of time. Remember to bring your bags, boxes, or bins with you. Our rolling racks will not be available for use, it is too crowded to move them through the room.


Sellers will get a sold item report around Noon Saturday and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be able to spot your own unsold items quickly when you come to pick them up. Of course, sellers with a high ISP (Items Sold Percentage) won’t have much left and you always have the option of passing unsold items on to the many charity groups who are so thrilled to get them.




Once you’ve collected your unsold items, you’ll take them to a check-out station where workers will quickly verify that you haven’t grabbed someone else’s item by mistake. If you have items you’d like to purchase, you can go through the regular check-out to pay for them and have your own items verified at the same time.


Remember to check the lost & found and the rack of items that were pulled from the sale for quality,sizing, or seasonality issues.


Any items left after 4 PM, including those in the lost & found, will be donated to charity.

How You Get Paid

How do the PayPal payouts work?

We send electronic payouts to sellers via PayPal – and we cover the fees! This means you’ll get your money faster & easier than waiting for a check in the mail. No more lost checks, accidentally-thrown-away checks, water damaged checks, or got-eaten-by-the-dog checks. Your payout will be processed on the Friday AFTER the sale ends.


VERY IMPORTANT – Email Addresses Need to Match


We don’t “have your PayPal info”


All we do is tell PayPal what your email address is and how much we owe you.


We don’t know diddly-squat about your PayPal account or what email address you use at PayPal. We don’t know that you do PayPal with your husband’s email or that you put your email address on your mom’s seller account. ALL WE KNOW IS THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USE IN MYCONSIGNMENT MANAGER AND HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD GET PAID.


So, your email address for PayPal and MyConsignment Manager need to be the same! If you already have a PayPal account with a different email address, you can simply add the address you use with MyConsignment Manager as a secondary email on your existing PayPal account. One PayPal account can have many email addresses tied to it.


Be sure your address in MyConsignment Manager is one you check & read often as email is the best way for us to communicate with you! Please do not go change your address in MyCM to your spouse’s… they tend to mark our emails as spam and never tell you about them…


You can easily transfer your payment from PayPal to your checking account if you wish or keep the funds in PayPal to use. You can also order a debit card from PayPal ahead of time and use it to spend your sale payout. If you really need a paper check in the mail, PayPal can send one minus a very small processing fee.

Guide2: The Items At The Sale

This guide has all the details about the items at the sale – what we do & don’t accept, how much of it we accept, and what should come to which season’s sale. We accept just about everything babies, kids, tweens, or expecting moms use, unless there is a safety concern about it or we’ve just learned over the years that it simply does not sell.

What We do Accept

Clothing, shoes, & accessories

We accept clothing items with no stains, tears, holes and with working zippers & buttons that are appropriate for the season of the sale.  Clothing should be no more than 5 years old.


We will accept your 60 best infant boy clothing items and/or 60 best infant girl clothing items. Infant sizes are preemie to 24 months and these sizes are under separate category of “infant boy clothing” and “infant girl clothing”.


Sizes 2T & up have no limits and can be found under “boy clothing” and “girl clothing” categories. Every sale has an abundance of infant sized clothing, so we encourage you to choose your best items and group 2-3 similar items together on one hanger with one tag to sell for one price, making them one item. The tagging system will cut you off when you’ve reached the limit.


Maternity & nursing items should be of very recent styles and priced competitively. Choose your 10 best maternity and 10 best nursing clothing items! Nursing bras may be tagged as “feeding”, we mean shirts & dresses as “clothing”.


We will accept your 10 best pairs of girls’ shoes and/or your 10 best pairs of boys’ shoes in sizes from infant 0 to big kid size 6.  Choose your best and package securely inside a plastic bag taped shut with the tag taped to the outside! The tagging system will cut you off when you’ve reached the limit.  We do not accept adult sized shoes.


In PADUCAH ONLY, we will accept women’s sizes in Matilda Jane brand as we have a separate area to display Matilda Jane brand. Matilda Jane is the ONLY adult sized clothing we accept other than maternity & nursing clothing. There is no category for women’s sizes, please leave it blank and list the size in line one of the description.


We WILL accept these waist sizes for pants/shorts for boys as they are true equivalent: size 20 = 30 inch waist; size 18 = 28 inch waist; size 16 = 26 inch waist; size 14 = 24 inch waist.


We do not accept junior girl’s or young men’s sizes. Teen sized clothing cannot be tagged as children’s clothing. Junior girl’s clothing is sizes 0, 1, 3, 5, etc for teen girls with curves. Young men’s clothing is small/med/large in brands for teen boys. These items will be turned away at check-in.


We accept women’s purses.  Each seller will be limited to 5 of these. Designer bags are secured and only released to shoppers after purchase.


We accept children’s jewelry accessories such as the large bead necklaces & bracelets from some of the boutique brands. You may use the “accessories” category for these. We do not accept children’s jewelry made mostly of metal or adult costume jewelry.


There are no restrictions on brands as long as items meet our quality standards.

More Than Clothing

We accept so much more than clothing!


We accept indoor & outdoor toys, games, puzzles, books, bicycles, DVD’s rated PG-13 & below, video games rated T & below, strollers, highchairs, pack-n-plays, carseats, activity mats, bassinets, bouncers, jumparoos, infant carriers, infant swings, walkers, safety gates, shopping cart covers, bottles, booster seats, diapers, diaper bags, children’s bedding and so much more. If babies, children, or teens can use it, we’ll probably accept it as long as it meets our quality standards and is not on the list of specific items we do not accept.


Items must HAVE ALL PARTS INCLUDING BATTERIES. Toys and games need to have all parts and pieces. All items should smell fresh & clean. All items requiring batteries must have them and work.


Baby gear should be wiped clean. Include the manual if you have it. Furniture & baby gear will need to be assembled for the sale.


We accept furniture and home decor! You can sell your 5 best items of children’s decor. You can sell household furniture as well as your best 10 items of in-style art, rugs, lamps, wall hangings, mirrors, window treatments, and other similar item for any room of the house. Seasonal decorations are also welcome (for the seasonal occasions between the current sale and the next one only!) as part of your 10 home decor items.


Items will be inspected to ensure that they are in excellent condition in desirable styles!

What We Don’t Accept

Don't Bring These Items


We do not accept:

  • out of season, stained, ripped, torn, pilled or otherwise damaged items, all items that require batteries MUST have batteries in them and WORK!
  • adult or teen sizes of clothing or shoes larger than size 6
  • items that were FREE to you – please do not bring books from the Dolly Parton program, toys from fast-food meals, formula company diaper bags, giveaway string backpacks or t-shirts, or other freebie/giveaway items
  • VHS tapes or cassette tapes
  • Wii consoles, games, or accessories
  • electric breastpumps of any type
  • plain stuffed animals, including Build-A-Bear – we will accept stuffed/plush battery operated toys that DO something (make sure they have batteries & work!)
  • grab bags of toys that don’t go together – If you need to use “random” or “miscellaneous” or “grab bag” in the item description, it likely will not be accepted
  • carseats/car booster seats more than five years old, check the sticker on the bottom for the date of manufacture before bringing it to the sale, carseats need to have all straps and attachments
  • cribs that do not meet 16 CFR 1219, the federal standard for full-size cribs or 16 CFR 1220, the new federal standard for non-full-size cribs – only cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011 meet these standards
  • crib bumpers of any type, including those with a mesh center – if your crib bedding set includes bumpers, you will need to sell it without them
  • blankets other than infant receiving blankets and swaddle blankets – receiving blankets are for infants and are generally made of light cotton and 40×40 inches or smaller – we do not accept blankets larger than 40×40 inches like blankets for toddler beds, blankets for twin/full/double beds or “decorative throws”
  • queen or king sized bedding, no matter the style or age of intended user, it does not sell well.
  • mattresses (sold with or without a bed) for full-size cribs, non-full size cribs, or toddler beds as well as after-market mattresses for play yards because there is no way to determine if they comply with the Crib Mattresses Business Guidance and Small Entity Compliance Guide.  – we also do not accept twin, full, queen or king size mattresses even if sold with a bed because they do not sell well
  • housewares, appliances, computers/computer accessories, and other electronics
  • home fixtures – items that are designed to be permanently attached to your house like sink faucets or hard-wired lights
  • children’s upper outerwear (sweatshirts, jackets & coats) in sizes 2T through 12 with neck or hood drawstrings, and children’s outerwear in sizes 2T through 16 with waist or bottom drawstrings that extend more than 3 inches from the garment
  • used pacifiers as we cannot tell if they are recalled once they are no longer in the packaging
  • children’s jewelry that is mostly made of metal
  • children’s books printed prior to 1985 (the actual date of PRINT, not the copyright date)
  • general adult-level fiction or non-fiction books, including college textbooks and general themed cookbooks
  • women’s costume jewelry
  • any item that do not meet the current safety standards
  • any recalled items – you may use the CPSC website or Google to check your items for recall

Let’s Keep It In Season


Bring short-sleeved clothing, swimsuits, shorts, sleeveless outfits, and sandals to this sale. Long sleeved items that might be worn on Easter such as button-up dress shirts or light sweaters will be accepted, but heavy, wintry fabrics will not.


Bring long-sleeved tops, snow boots, jackets & coats, sweaters, fleece, velour & velvet clothing, and warm fuzzy Halloween costumes to this sale. Cap-sleeved shirts and light, summery fabrics will not be accepted. No shorts of any type, even sports shorts.

All Seasons/Both Sales

Jeans, polo shirts, capri pants, and dress-up clothing for play are all appropriate for both spring and fall sales.

Item Limits


We have a very low seller minimum of 15 items or $50 of inventory.  You must enter this much before the item entry deadline AND bring it to check-in in order to receive a seller’s presale pass.

Limits! - You CAN have Too Much Of A Good Thing

Sellers are limited to 200 items each. Returning Sellers who sold more than 80% of items in inventory at a sale in the past year may bring an additional 50 items.

Sellers must contact us VIA EMAIL immediately after registering to have their item limit raised, it is not an automatic process and is done manually every sale season upon request.

Raising the overall item limit will not change the category limits as listed below. Please bring more BEST SELLING items like TOYS, baby gear, furniture, and name brand clothing in sizes 4-12.

The tagging system will cut you off when you’ve reached the limit – either the overall limit or a category limit.

We will accept your 60 best infant boy clothing items and/or 60 best infant girl clothing items. Infant sizes are preemie to 24 months and these sizes are under separate category of “infant boy clothing” and “infant girl clothing”. Sizes 2T & up have no limits and can be found under “boy clothing” and “girl clothing” categories.

Every sale has an abundance of infant sized clothing, so we encourage you to choose your best items and group 2-3 similar items together on one hanger with one tag to sell for one price, making them one item.

Choose your 10 best maternity and 10 best nursing (tops & dresses) clothing items & price to sell!

We will accept your 10 best pairs of girls’ shoes and/or your 10 best pairs of boys’ shoes. Dance (tap, ballet, jazz) shoes and cleats may be tagged as “Sports Equipment” and will be accepted in addition to the 10 boy/10 girl limit on shoes.  BE SURE TO PUT THE SIZE FOR THESE IN THE DESCRIPTION.  Choose your best, clean, like-new shoes and package securely inside a plastic bag taped shut with the tag taped to the outside!

We will accept your best 5 children’s and best 10 general home decor items.  These need to be cute items in current styles – think Pottery Barn, Kirkland’s, TJ Maxx, etc and not grandma’s attic or old wedding gifts from the 90’s and 00’s.  There is no limit for furniture items like couches, coffee tables, desks, or bookshelves.  Decor means items that make your home look cozy and inviting.  We do not accept housewares or appliances.

We accept designer handbags from brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Brahmin, Dooney & Bourke, Tory Burch, Chanel, Frye, and more… Each seller will be limited to 5 of these.

We accept children’s backpacks & lunch boxes if they are CLEAN and in like-new condition. Each seller is limited to 5 backpacks & 5 lunch boxes.

We accept only 5 identical items per seller.  If you have more than 5 of the exact same thing to sell, please hold the rest for a future sale.

Guide3: Item Prep For The Sale

This guide has all the details about how to prepare & price your items for the sale.


Wire Hangers

You MUST use wire hangers, plastic hangers will not be accepted. They break easily and clothing often falls off. Even tiny baby clothing can fit on an adult sized wire hanger if you put it up from the bottom of the garment. The plastic coated “drip-dry” wire hangers sold at WalMart are fine, as are wire hangers from a dry cleaners. We do have wire hangers available that we buy in bulk & sell at our cost. Details on pick-ups are emailed to sellers when we hold them.

Cardstock Paper (Cover Stock)

This is special “thicker than regular paper” paper to print your tags on. A package will last a few sales or share with a friend! Buy at Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or any office supply store. White is the BEST choice but very light pastels or beige will be accepted. Tags printed on dark colors will not scan.

Clear Packing Tape

ape tags to NON-fabric items. Tape bags closed. Tape tags to the outside of bags. Try not to tape over the barcode. Also when taping tags to larger toys please take care to not tape over the stickers. When the tape is removed, it will tear the sticker. The same goes for some veneered furniture items. 

Masking Tape

Masking tape generally is not strong enough for attaching tags to items unless the item is likely to be damaged by packing tape like furniture or delicate books. Masking tape is GREAT for making a label to place on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc parts of multi-part items, such as a table + chairs or stroller + carseat + base combo. Place your barcoded tag on one of the items and a masking tape label with your seller number & item number on the other parts.

Safety Pins

Pin tags to fabric items. Please use EXTREME CAUTION in where you place the pin. Try to place the pin in a seam, tag or even the fabric at the edge of the zipper so that holes won’t be left in clothing items. Don’t pin through a vinyl raincoat or leather jacket! We do have safety pins available that we buy in bulk & sell at our cost. Details on pick-ups are emailed to sellers when we hold them.

Saran/Stretch Wrap

Saran and stretch wrap can be used to package puzzles or toys with extra parts that need to be kept together but don’t work well in a bag. Stretch wrap can be found at office and home improvement stores with the packaging supplies.

Ziplock Bags

Bag shoes, accessories, toys with multiple parts, sets of books, etc, etc. Tape the bag shut, tape the tag to the outside, try not to tape over the barcode. There are 2-gallon bags and even XL bags that can hold bedding sets. Get the cheap ones, they are fine!

Using MyConsignment Manager

Entering and Managing Your Inventory

When you log in to MyConsignment Manager (MyCM), you are on your Seller Home Page. This is where you will enter & work with your inventory.


This is where you will ADD ITEMS and PRINT TAGS as well as CHECK YOUR SALES REPORTS each night of the sale. Reports are loaded late each night, it is not a “live” reporting function.


Be sure to choose your (required) Check-in Window and (optional) Partner Shifts ASAP. Evening and weekend time slots fill quickly!


Use the Add Items screen to select category, size, price and write a brief description.  We’ve reduced the number of categories available and ask you to choose what seems the most appropriate.  Use line 1 of the description to tell us WHAT THE ITEM IS (include brand name) and use line 2 of the descripton to list the color, type, or other destinguishing details.


If your item loses its tag, we can search the database for items with descriptions and try to re-tag. If you list brand, color, and other features like husky, slim, adjustable waist, etc., we’ll have better luck in re-tagging. Words like “cute” or “EUC” or “hard to find” or “rare” are not necessary, they won’t help us search for your item and the shopper can touch your item to see the condition.


We suggest pricing most items about 1/4 to 1/3 of the amount they were when new. Infant clothing should be priced less, furniture and baby gear in like new condition could be priced a bit more. Ask yourself – what would I pay for this? Make your price reasonable AND check the box for “discount: yes” to make your items available at half-price if they have not sold by the final day of the sale.


Single or Multiple Items can be edited on the Manage Items screen. If you edit the price or discount selection AFTER printing your tags, you MUST reprint that tag. You CANNOT handwrite in a change to the price or the discount seleciton, that information is encoded in the barcode and your handwritten change will not take effect but it may make shoppers angry.


Use the Print button on the Manage Items screen to download a PDF of your tags, then save or print it. Tags can be downloaded multiple times, marking them “printed” is simply a placekeeper for you.


Use white or light pastel CARDSTOCK paper to print tags. Dark or shiny tags won’t scan. Regular paper tags tear & get lost. Do not print on regular paper & tape tags on index cards.


Please get into the habit of logging into MyConsignment Manager using the “seller log-in” link located at the top of the page. (It is on every page of this website.) Doing so will mean you never need to enter a print code to print your tags and if we have super-important info for you, we’ll place a pop-up on the KKCS website.

Setting The Price

Price Guide

Rule number one is PRICE TO SELL!


Please choose your very best items and price them to SELL! Then you can start planning what to do with your payout check.


Take a look at this pricing guide put out by Consignment Mommies – it’s a great guideline to ensure you aren’t overpricing your items.



We always suggest making your price a reasonable price and also marking your tags “discount:yes”. Many shoppers come back on the final day only to buy half price items but we are open for shopping many more hours for full price sales. Do not fall in into the trap of pricing too high and thinking “maybe this would sell for half price”. It doesn’t work.

Prepping Clothing

Wash It, Iron It, Hang It, Enter it

We count on you, the seller, to tell us where your items should be placed. it’s in your best interest to put the CORRECT SIZE & CATEGORY on your clothing items.


All children’s clothing needs to be entered in the tagging system with a NUMBER size. If the tag says “medium”, please enter it as the numerical size that it fits like – don’t make us guess! We want to put your items in the right spot so they will SELL.


Hang all clothing items on hangers with the hook facing left to look like a “?” You must use WIRE hangers!


Button all buttons, snap all snaps, and zip all zippers. Iron or use a winkle release spray.


Attach the tag on the right side (as you are looking at it) of the clothing (over the heart).


Use an appropriately sized hanger. Make sure that items will not fall off the hanger. Clothing larger than 2T often falls off child-sized hangers. Even tiny baby clothes can go on adult-sized hangers if you run the hanger up through the bottom of the garment.


Clothing does not sell well in bags, so use hangers even for small infant clothing. You can combine multiple onesies or sleepers by pinning several AT THE SHOULDERS onto one hanger and selling for one price.


For additional security, you can place a small piece of packing tape over the safety pin or tagging gun barb that holds the tag onto clothing – this should help keep tags on items instead of on the floor. Also take a moment to place a small masking tape label with your seller number on other items (like inside each shoe) just in case it becomes separated from its tag.


If you choose to use a tagging gun to attach tags to your clothing, USE EXTREME CAUTION in where you choose to place the tag. We’ve had an increase in shopper complaints lately about holes in clothing caused by tagging gun needles & barbs. Safety pins can damage delicate clothing too – think about where you are putting the pin!
Place item on hangers like this, with the hook of the hanger facing left

Prepping The Big Stuff

Shake? (Tag!) Your Money Makers

Baby gear, outdoor toys, and furniture are our BEST SELLERS! We accept all types of large items at both spring & fall sales and suggest you tag these items first. We sell nearly every one of these types of items.


You will need to ASSEMBLE ALL FURNITURE. If it is missing screws or broken, please don’t bring it. No one will buy it and our charities don’t want unusable items either. You’l need to set up things like pack & plays and bouncers. Shoppers want to see those items.


If your item has multiple parts that are impossible to securely attach together – dresser & stool, table & chairs, coffee table & end tables sold together for one price, stroller sold with carseat & extra base for one price, etc, etc, you will make ONE barcoded tag and label the remaining parts with a paper or masking tape tag that has your seller number & item number.


If an item needs batteries, you must put batteries in it and show that it works, even if the part with batteries is an accessory to the main item. Shoppers want to buy things that work.

Prepping The Rest (Non-Clothing)

Everything Else

Items should be clean, have all parts, and in be good working order with batteries in them to show they work!


Use ziplock bags, saran wrap, and clear packing tape to secure all parts & pieces. Items get handled A LOT. They need to be packaged securely.


The goal is to ensure shoppers can see each item while also keeping all parts together.


Include the original manual or other paper work if you have it.


Shoes need to be clean and in like-new conditon.
Shoes can be placed in a ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside or attached together with zipties with tag securely attached to the shoe.


Please do not bring shoeboxes. They take up too much space and shoes cannot be secured inside them.


Add a small piece of masking tape with your seller number & item number to any item at risk of losing its tag. We suggest putting this on clothing near the label, inside each shoe, on bedding items, on each part of toys with multiple parts, etc. It will help us retag items that happen to lose their tag during the sale.


Loose items such as socks, bibs, hats, and belts should be placed inside ziploc bags and taped securely. Tape your tag to outside of the bag. If you have only one item, you can attach the tag directly. For example, pin a tag to a hat if the tag can stay securely attached.


Wait until check-in to tape DVDs and video games shut, we’ll need to see that the correct disc is in the box