So what is ElizabethtownFamily.com anyway? Elizabethtown Family is a website focused completely on making your life easier if you live in the Hardin County area and are looking for family-friendly events, activities and so much more.  Sometimes parents are so busy going from work, to dropping kids off at school, that by the time Saturday morning rolls around, they are ready to have fun but don’t have an idea of all the things that are going on.


That’s where ElizabethtownFamily.com comes into play.  They make it their mission to look all over and gather the details of things to do, see, eat and explore and then put all that information on one user-friendly website so you can be informed and get connected.
If you are brand new to the website, a great tip is to simply click on their CALENDAR section.  It is there that you can see all the events taking place for the month on various days.  Then, you’d simply click on the event if you wanted to find out all the details (for example, how much it cost, where it is located and a phone number or email to get more information).  They try and post every event as if you just moved here yesterday and you just don’t ‘know’ where all the parks, stores and events are located.
Elizabethtown Family was created by Heather Heuman. Heather has been a resident of Hardin County for three years and she resides here with her family to include three children under the age of 9 and her husband Wayne. As a former military spouse Heather moved 8 times in an  eleven year time frame so she knows first hand what it is like to move, constantly learning the ins and outs of a new town and simply trying to get connected with each move. Heather loves being out in the community and meeting new people, so if you see her at an event, a booth or just at the mall, be sure and say hello! She’d love to meet you and hear how you are liking ElizabethtownFamily.com.
If you are like many others, and enjoy Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest, you’ll also be able to find ElizabethtownFamily.com on those as well.  The links for each of those can all easily be found once you visit their website too.
6 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW about ElizabethtownFamily.com that you may not know
1) Submit events for Free – You can submit events to appear on the calendar of events on ElizabethtownFamily.com totally free. Simply visit their website and go to the SUBMIT EVENTS tab, and you’ll see exactly how to get them your information.
2) Giveaways – ElizabethtownFamily.com loves to do giveaways on their website. Businesses and non-profits sponsor giveaways and enjoy finding winners for gift certificates, free products and much more. Who doesn’t like free anyway?
3) Grow your Business – In addition to providing amazing resourceful information on events and things to do, businesses and non-profits can advertise and grow their businesses on ElizabethtownFamily.com and utilize their monthly combined audience of 20,000 visitors. Did we mention that if you advertise with them you can promote your business weekly on their social media platforms? Seriously, we’re not kidding. It’s a wonderful tool if you are looking for more customers or to grow your brand in Hardin County.
4) ElizabethtownFamily.com is Hiring – They are looking for a few awesome people to join their team – If you are motivated, driven and are looking for a part-time job opportunity and enjoy working with people, networking, and are tech-savy, this could very well be the perfect job for you.  Here’s a direct link to the details – http://www.elizabethtownfamily.com/employment-etown-family
5) Volunteer Opportunities – Another helpful section that they have is a Volunteer section on their website.  If you have some spare time and are interested in getting connected with organizations that can benefit from extra help, the volunteer area of the ElizabethtownFamily.com website is going to provide you with those important details you need about where you can serve.
6) Job Postings – If you are looking to find a job, ElizabethtownFamily.com makes it a part of their services to have a job postings section.  If you are an employer looking for great people, contact them today to get your jobs listed.  Or if you are seeking a great job, be sure and check their website often.  Several people have found their jobs on the ElizabethtownFamily.com job postings.
You don’t have to have a child to benefit greatly from ElizabethtownFamily.com.  But if you enjoy knowing what is happening in the community, you like fresh content from a local perspective of a busy mom, ElizabethtownFamily.com needs to become one of the top websites you check out each day.  Simply visit them at http://www.elizabethtownfamily.com.