Today’s Louisville Courier-Journal features an editorial I wrote about former Kentucky Congresswoman Anne Northup’s confirmation hearings for her appointment to the CPSC.

I think that this terrible law is a runaway train of unintended consequences that can only be stopped by Congress amending it to clean up the mess they made in the first place. Handing it over to the CPSC for interpretation and implementation has only created a nightmare for businesses who have been doing the right thing all along.

Let me be clear, I do not want my children or any other children exposed to dangerous substances. I am in no way advocating that lead containing toys should be distributed willy-nilly. I am advocating that a tiny shred of common sense be applied.

Common sense says resale entities should not need to test non-recalled items produced prior to February 2009 for lead. To be far, the CPSC has said we are not required to test, we’re just not allowed to sell anything over the 600 ppm limit, soon to be 300 ppm, and possibly 100 ppm.

Common sense says that parents who choose to let children under 12 ride ATV’s should have the option to buy small, low horsepower models.

Common sense says that ink pens and rhinestones that have not been proven harmful pose no real threat to our children.

Common sense says that a mom making hairbows at her kitchen table from ribbons that have been tested for lead by the manufacturer should not be required to rest every style and size of bow she makes before selling it.

Where is the common sense? Nancy Nord seems to have a bit of it and all I can do is hope that Anne Northup does too.