Turn Your Kid’s Clutter into Cash!

Don’t Drive All Over Town


Do what hundreds of Kentucky families do every spring & fall – sell everything in ONE week at ONE place!

Sell it all in ONE place at ONE time

No more buy/sell/trade groups & failed meetups.  Pause the creepy porch pick-ups. End the NextDoor nonsense. Just prep & tag your items at home, bring them to check-in and we do the rest!  We have thouands of shoppers at every sale – more exposure than your items would ever get on their own!

Sellers shop during our exclusive PRESALE events

Make money selling those outgrown clothes, toys, and giant pieces of baby gear and get first dibs on the brands you love at a savings!  Partner with us by helping out during sale week to pay a lower commission and shop EVEN EARLIER.

Average seller payout is over $300

Our average seller makes over $300 on their gently items cluttering up their home!  Many earn more.  It’s so easy to clear out and CA$H in!  Payouts are sent via deposit to your PayPal account less than a week after the sale ends.

How does it work?

Sellers prep & price your own items at home... then check them into the sale and we'll take it from there! No haggling, no no-shows, no missed meet-ups, it's just EASY!

  • Pay a non-refundable $15 seller’s fee when registering and 25-35% commission to us for the service of organizing & hosting the sale.  Choose to Partner with us and help out during sale week to lower the commission you pay to us for the service of organizing & hosting the sale event
  • Use our automated tagging system on your phone, tablet, or computer to enter items into inventory quickly & track your sales each night during the sale
  • Bring your items to the sale during your check-in window and place them on the sales floor
  • Shop early at our exclusive presale events
  • Get your $$$ via quick electronic deposit to your PayPal account within a week after the end of the sale!

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