Carmen Douglas will be back at the Kentucky Kids Consignment Elizabethtown Sale on September 24-16 with a Scentsy booth. Visit her at the sale or see her website today!

Scentsy is the SCENTsational item you have been looking for….

The wax does NOT evaporate so you will have NO soot build up on your walls, furniture or in your lungs. When the fragrance is gone, just pour the warm liquid into a disposable container and wipe the warmer with a paper towel and put in a new scent. If you want to change scents, pour the wax back into the Scentsy bar package and save for later use!

The wax is warm to the touch but will NOT burn which is great for anyone who has curious children and pets.

With over 80 scents and 24 warmers we are sure you will find one you LOVE!

You can even customize your scents to find one that is uniquely YOU!