Shortly after I heard of the June 24 recall of even more drop-side cribs, I found myself watching the CPSC’s video blog with questions & answers about the recall.  Because they come running everytime they hear sound from the computer, one of my six-year-olds, we’ll call him “Thing One” for short, was watching over my shoulder.

“Mom, whacha watching on the computer?”

I explained that some cribs with sides that go up and down have broken and a few have even hurt babies.  I told him that the safety experts had decided these cribs needed to be taken off the market and because of that we couldn’t allow those types of cribs at a Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale anymore.

He shrugged and ran off to the room he shares with the other six-year-old, called “Thing Two” for short.  I heard a big crash and followed to see what disaster had unfolded this time.

drop-side doll crib

“Mom, I didn’t want all my stuffed animals sleeping in the baby doll crib if it’s not safe. See, it has a side that goes up and down. I took them all out!”

So, now I’m trying to figure out how to get a repair kit for a circa 1975 drop side doll crib… can anyone help me out? 🙂