Many sellers are starting now to tag for spring sales and are asking can be brought to the sale.

We accept boys and girls clothing in sizes from preemie to 18 or 20. Girl’s teen clothing should be in junior’s sizes which are odd numbers, not even numbers for adult women. Larger boys sizes like pants sized by waist measurement and length will be accepted. Teen sizes need to be in styles appealing to teens. Maternity and nursing clothing are the only adult sizes we accept. You may bring 25 items in maternity sizes and 25 items in girls junior sizes to each sale.

We sell much more than clothing. We accept toys, shoes, accessories, books, movies, strollers, highchairs, pack-n-plays, and so much more.  If babies, children, or teens can use it, we’ll probably accept it as long as it meets our quality standards.

Spring and summer clothing is the focus for our spring sales, along with the usual toys, furniture, gear, & equipment. Bring swimsuits, shorts, sleeveless outfits, and sandals to this sale. Jeans, polo shirts, capri pants, overalls, and lightweight jackets are appropriate for both spring and fall sales.

Here are just a few (hah!) other items that can be sold at a Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale in addition to clothing:

baby carriers


bathing equipment


bedding for infants, children, or teens


bouncy seats

cassettes & CD’s

computer games

costumes – Halloween costumes sell great at fall sales!


cribs (check for recalls!)


diapers & diaper bags


educational toys

equestrian clothing


feeding utensils

furniture for infants, children, or teens

games (make sure all the parts are there!)


high chairs

homeschooling curriculum materials

outdoor climbers

pack-n-plays (check for recalls!)

potty chairs & seats

puzzles (have the kids work ’em one last time to make sure all pices are present!)

scrapbooking supplies

scouting uniforms

sporting goods


toys of all shapes and sizes (check for recalls!)


and really anything at all that infants, children, teens, or expecting mothers need & want.

There are a few things we cannot accept at any of our sales.  Your time is valuable.  Please don’t waste it by tagging items we cannot accept.

We will not accept out of season, stained, ripped, torn, pilled or otherwise damaged items. Toys and games need to have all their parts and pieces. All items should smell fresh & clean. All items requiring batteries must have them and work.

Carseats must be no more than five years old, check the sticker on the bottom for the date of manufacture before bringing it to the sale.

We also cannot accept:

stuffed animals – only battery operated toys that DO something will be accepted for the sale (make sure they have batteries & work!)

used nipples or pacifiers

grab bags of miscellaneous fast food/dollar store type toys

jewelry of any sort

bath books or bath toys

clothing or shoes with crystals of any sort or rhinestones known to contain over 300 ppm lead – Leaded crystal such as Swarovski crystal or rhinestones known to contain over 300 ppm lead cannot be sold for use by children age 12 and under.  We will accept these items in girls size 14 & up, girls junior sizes, and maternity items.  We will also accept plastic rhinestone-like adornments in all sizes.

items with drawstrings at the neck or drawstrings at the waist that extend more than 3 inches from the garment

books published prior to 1985

cribs, bath seats, walkers or play-yards that do not meet the current safety standards.

We will not accept any recalled items.  You may use the CPSC website or Google to check your items for recall.

So, now you know what to sell at a Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale.  Get busy and start tagging!